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ZShop Projects:

This is one of the sickest projects in the 604, it’s a Nissan 300zx TT that is being built to over 1000HP as a Show/Drag car fully street legal.  You are looking @ the body work being done on a Strosek style wide body kit, yet as many know this kit doesn’t fit well no & is not exactly exhaust friendly.  So when something doesn’t fit, customize the crap out of it.  The whole rear bumper of this kit has been fully customized in order to fit pretty much any exhaust out their including the HKS setup.  Along with the rear the side skirts have also being customized to flow & fit better on the Z.  We are very excited to see a car like this come out of our shop & can’t wait till this little Lady is all done & ready for the track.
















Dan the owner of the ZShop has also being rebuilding his Z31 beast for the drags this year @ Mission Raceway, here are some progress pics so far.  This is a Nissan V8 engine that will feature some pretty sweet mods such as custom Weber’s, individual one off throttle bodies, etc.  Stay tuned for updates on this project.























300zxTT K-Sport BBK Setup Front & Rear:









1990 JDM Z32 TT Factory Slicktop Project: