AshSpec Turbo Oil System Nissan 300zx/Z32 90-96


These -4 Braided Stainless Steel turbo oil feed lines incorporate a 10-micron sintered bronze filter system to capture any small debris that can damage the delicate bearing and seal assemblies within the turbochargers.

We have been using this system on a test vehicle for over 50,000 miles now in some of the most demanding driving possible – from drag racing to road course racing. The filters are not a typical paper element – they are produced in a process known as “sintering” in which a base metal, bronze in this case, is powderized and press into shape. It is then heated to a high temperature until the particles adhere together. This produces a porous solid of the base metal which will not come apart. The filters can even be backwashed with solvent and reinstalled for continual use.

Complete Kit:
10-Micron Inline Hydraulic Filters – Sintered Bronze Element
(4) Braided Stainless -4 Lines, Teflon Sheath
1/8″BSP to -4AN 90-degree Fitting
12mmX1.25mm Banjo Bolt, Copper Crush Seals
Two fittings are jetted to 0.037″ post-filter to prevent over-lubrication in Ball-Bearing Turbochargers
Adel Clamps – Silicone cushion offers good resistance to ozone, sunlight, and oxidation. Color is red. Temperature range is -80° to +450° F. Will not break down due to turbo heat.

NOTE: If you have a ball-bearing turbocharger set, you will need to use the restrictor jets which we will install for no additional charge. BB turbos require far less lubrication and excessive lubrication will lead to premature bearing failure and excessive smoking from the exhaust. However, if you have a journal bearing turbocharger, you MUST use the non-jetted version – do NOT jet a set of journal bearing turbos to try and prevent smoking, it will only make the damage worse!