5zigen EXM-SP - Exhaust Manifold Z34/370Z

Price $1,620.00US

(Note: This item is direct from Japan & is subject to US / Japanese exchange & shipping rates @ the point of sale, please contact for price)

The ultimate in exhaust manifold layout has been achieved by 5zigen using the unique and hand crafted cut & weld method. Regular manifolds use bent piping which does not keep a constant diameter and has limitations in pipe design. The 5zigen method enables the best possible exhaust layout for best performance and the polished welds create a beautiful finish.

  • Hand cut and welded for the best possible manifold layout
  • Stainless steel construction in super high quality SUS346
  • 1.5mm wall thickness for high durability
  • Honda Accord CL7 model also being developed, please contact us to confirm availability
  • Made to order only, manifolds take at least 3-4 weeks depending on current demand