Cusco Zero 2E Coilovers 370Z 09

Retail Price: $2,506.99US

Price: $2,206.84

Cusco heard your request, and have now answered with the all new Zero-2E system. With all the same benefits and features as the Zero-2 coilover, the Zero-2E adds the option to electronically control the shock adjustment from inside the car. Utilizing the E-Con (sold separately), you can select what stage (of 5) you want the shock set at. The 5 steps dumping force offer you best choose for each driving scene! Changing damping force mode for town/motorway to winding, circuit by only one click. The fully ride-height adjustable system offers you the ability to make inch-up & low-down without any change in comfort.

With great features such as:

  • - Electronically controlled shock adjustment (w/ E-Con)
  • - Pillowball upper mounts
  • - Adjustable shock casing
  • - Independent adjustable spring perch
  • - Stainless steel thread body
  • - Stainless steel case lock nut
  • - Stainless steel spring perch/lock nut
  • - Specially coated lower bracket

The Zero 2E gives you the ability to adjust front from -30 to 0 mm and rear from -40 to 0 mm.

You have the option up upgrade to Pillow Spec for an additional price. However, because it use pillow ball system, you may be likely to feel more vibration or hear more noise inside of the car.

Please select either Standard or Pillow (+$270US)