Fujimura Auto Rocket Dancer Gentle Sound Muffler Exhaust Z34

Price: $1,037.00

(Note: This item is direct from Japan & is subject to US / Japanese exchange & shipping rates @ the point of sale, please contact for price)

The Rocket Dancer exhaust is fully composed of high-quality Stainless Steel and is designed to create optimum horsepower while adding to the decibel output from your exhaust, but not too much.
The exhaust begins at the end of the exhaust system, where the OEM muffler is located. Fujimura Auto’s exhaust, changes the exhaust flow from the single large oval into two canisters.

*The exhaust muffler is the rear piece only and is NOT a full cat-back exhaust muffler.

-Exhaust Pipe Diameter: 60mm
-Muffler Canister Diameter: 115mm

Compatible Vehicle Model(s):
-Z34 Fairlady Z

Video Link: Fujimura Exhaust System 370Z/Z34