DuraFlex Universal Urethane Wind Splitters L&R

Retail Price: $100.00US

Price $95.00US (Pair)

Extreme Dimensions, who makes the Duraflex line of products, is one of the elite brands that we dub a “Premium Brand” in our online catalog. To earn this distinction, a manufacturer must make products that exhibit cutting edge technology, attention to detail, and widespread popularity. Extreme Dimensions easily earns this distinction from our perspective. Extreme Dimensions, who developed the world-famous Duraflex line of products, is one of the largest aerodynamics manufacturers in the world and exhibits total professionalism in all facets of their business. If you buy an Extreme Dimensions product, you can expect a premium product.

Give your vehicle that Formula race car look with Extreme Dimensions universal wind splitters. Splitters go underneath your front bumper.