GTSPEC Type D Front Strut Bar G35 Sedan/G37 Coupe 07+

Retail Price: $214.99US

Price: $204.24

GTSPEC strut tower braces are made with Military-Grade 6061 aluminum and a unique mounting point made from a solid block of aluminum, CNC cut to exact standards. By using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to produce the center shaft, mounting points, end plates and installation hardware, the result is industry-leading design with the highest standards of construction, appearance and performance.

While turning, force acting upon the car’s strut towers leads to an undesirable effect. This flex forces your struts to act independently from one another resulting in the twisting of the chassis, which in turn leads to the loss of traction. GTSPEC strut tower bars are designed to distribute applied forces evenly among both towers to eliminate flex and increase your car’s responsiveness and predictability.

Recent upgrade to the strut tower brace line up included laser print logo on the center shaft and a forged 7075 connecting end with GTSPEC logo engraved. These added upgrades further improved the strength, appearance and quality of GTPEC’s strut tower braces.

Aluminum Type-D front strut brace for 2007+ G35 Sedan/ G37 Coupe. Polish center shaft with laser cut print. Forged 7075 end points for added rigidity.