Carbonetic Twin Carbon Clutch 1350kg Skyline GTR 89-02

Price: $2,598.99

This dynamic clutch series for high-power tuning (500ps-900ps) and delivers powerful transmission performance. Compared with mutiple metal plate clutches, the Carbonetic Twin Clutch offers smooth, precise operation while driving in the peak of traffic or on slopes. Carbonetic Twin Clutch also reduces impact on engine and transmission components.

*Superb heat resistance to withstand extreme racing requirements

  • ACROSS successfully raised the C/C melting point by over 1,000 degrees centigrade
  • Prevents fusion with surrounding metal parts
  • No distortion of the carbon disk

*An unparalleled level of strength and enduring performance through a unique, random weaving methodology

*Large carbon disk diameter of 230mm

  • Superior friction characteristics and excellent torque transfer
  • Non-slipping even without warm up (within rated horse power,no power shifting)

*Quality engineered and manufactured in Japan

  • All parts manufactured and assembled in the strictest quality control environment
  • Flexibility to manufacture per customer specifications

*Outstanding controllability in even the thickest of traffic congestions

  • Maintains consistent soft pedal feel
  • Highly controllable in half clutch position
  • Smooth operation in traffic or up a slope

*Largest reduction in inertia weight

  • Lightweight – less than 25% of a traditional metal clutch
  • Prevents power loss and allows for quick gear shifting
  • Enhanced synchronization

*Radical cost effectiveness in the long term


Engine: RB20 /25DET, RB26DETT
Type: Twin
Pressure Plate Rate: 1350kg
Fits: Nissan Skyline, Skyline GT-R R34, BNR32(late), BCNR33
Nissan bearing sleeve (30501-B6064), front cover (32110-05U11), gasket front cover (32112- 05U11), clutch fork (30531-01S00), spring(for sleeve) (30514-14600), spring(for pivot) (30534- E9000), clutch bearing (30502-14601), cover dust (30542-31G10), slave cylinder (30620-21U01) & clutch hose (30855-05U00) are included.