Driveshaft Shop Chromoly Driveshaft Skyline R32 GTS 89-94

Retail Price: $749.99US

Price: $712.49

R32 RWD (GT-S and variants) 1-Piece Chromoly Driveshaft. Weighs only 25lbs and eliminates the factory 2 piece shaft. By removing the factory 2 pieces the car will lose the excessive motion caused by the hanger bearing moving up and down when you step on the gas. This will make the car react faster to throttle input and make the car feel more responsive. Rated to 1200HP with a 1-year warranty.

Picture is for representation only. Actual product may vary.

Please Note: All aftermarket driveshafts might be slightly larger than factory specs therefore minor clearance might need to be cut or cleared in the driveshaft tunnel. Driveshaft should have a minimum of 1/2″ clearance for proper use.