Endless CC-A Ceramic Carbon Brake Pads Rear Nissan R32/R33/R34 V-Spec 93-95

Price: $199.99

What good is power without control? The ability to stop quickly is just as important as accelerating quickly, especially on a race track. As any weekend racer will tell you, factory brake systems will quickly overheat and fail when put in even moderate track conditions. That means worn pads, warped rotors and expensive repair bills.

Established in 1986, Endless products performance, design, and safety are recognized around the world. Through a close relationship with overseas with WRC, Paris Dakar, Super GT, Super Taikyu, Freshman Class, and a myriad of other renowned race categories, Endless knows first hand how demanding racing is a brake system. Endless strives to continually grow as both a manufacturer of high performance brakes and as an innovator of automotive technology. Endless’ constant participation in racing allows them to have feedback from professionals putting their vehicles through the most extreme conditions. Endless also develops other brake components including calipers, discs, brake lines and brake fluid. It is Endless’ goal to produce the highest quality products for the circuit and the street.

The Endless CC-A compound is a ceramic carbon brake pad that provides superb pedal feel without the harshness of normal ceramic carbon brake pads. Many drivers upgrade to ceramic carbon pads only to be disappointed by the excess noise and poor performance at lower temperatures. The CC-A compound was designed to eliminate the negative characteristics that ceramic carbon compounds are known to have. Unlike other ceramic carbon pads the CC-A compound has excellent cold bite while producing minimal amounts of dust and noise, making it ideal for a street vehicle. The Endless CC-A pads do all this while still being friendly to rotors, perfect for a high performance street pad. Recommended for drivers wanting more feedback in their daily driven street vehicle.