Okada Projects Coil-Over Plug Plasma Booster Skyline R32 & R33 89-95

Price: $399.50

The Plasma Booster is a high power amplifier which drastically boosts ignition coil current. The Spark Increase is dramatic with the Plasma Booster and you can expect 100-percent increase in Spark Current, which is the amperage going to the spark. With such an increase in spark current, the ignition process is faster and it also creates a faster burn, thus leading to more Horsepower and Torque. Complete ignition decrease the incidence of “hot spots” in the combustion chamber and lowers the risk of detonation.

-Easy to install, only 2 wires on distributor type ignition.
-100% secondary current (Spark Amperage) increase
-4 Times Spark Energy Increase for the initial spark discharge
-Compatible with all OEM components
-Compatible with OBD-II (On-Board-Diagnostics)

Nissan Skyline GTR BNR32 L6 Turbo 2.6L 89-93 with Engine Code RB26DETT
Nissan Skyline GTR BNR33 L6 Turbo 2.6L 94-98 with Engine Code RB26DETT
Nissan Skyline HCR/HNR32 L6 Turbo 2.5L 89-93 with Engine Code RB25DET
Nissan Skyline HCR/HR32 L6 2.5L 89-93 with Engine Code RB25DE
Nissan Skyline ER33/ECR33 L6 Turbo 2.5L 94-95 with Engine Code RB25DET

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