VIS Racing OEM-Style Carbon Hood Nissan R33 GT-R 95-98

Retail Price: $920.00US


VIS Carbon Fiber Hoods are made from the finest carbon fiber available. Each VIS hood is protected with a UV coating, that will allow the hood to hold its high gloss finish. All VIS carbon fiber hoods are Grade A and above. VIS Carbon Fiber Hoods have a tight carbon weave, rolled edges, and one piece undersiding. Make sure when purchasing a VIS hood, look for the VIS Authenticity Badge.

VIS grade “A” carbon fiber hoods are the best in the industry. Each hood is built with a strong carbon fiber skeleton. The outer layer is hand-laid with carbon fiber along with several layers of clear coating that provides the Hi-gloss show-quality finish that other hoods just cannot imitate. The outermost layer of clear coats is a UV coating that protects it from the harmful rays of the sun. Unlike other hoods in the market, VIS hoods do not fade and turn yellow in a few months. The underside of each OEM hood is reinforced fiberglass with a one-piece fiberglass covering the underling skeleton to provide a clean factory look. VIS also carries double-sided carbon fiber hoods whose skeletons are covered with carbon fiber for a more refined look.

Hood pins are required. Intended for OFF ROAD use only.