AMS Performance Intake Manifold Nissan GT-R R35 09-15

Price $3,199.95US

AMS designed the Alpha GT-R Intake Manifold to enhance the overall performance of your modified GT-R. With its small plenum, the stock intake manifold of the GT-R was never intended to support the performance of a moderate to highly modified VR38 engine. That’s because as rpm increases and more power is produced, a greater flow of charged air is required. Without it, both horsepower and torque begin to fall off prematurely – hindering the true potential of your modified GT-R. Our engineers have years of experience in building highly efficient intake manifolds that serve as the benchmark in the industry. They applied their experience and proven principles to the Alpha GT-R Intake Manifold to give you the winning edge. This hand-fabricated intake manifold optimizes both runner length and plenum volume to increase horsepower and torque throughout the power band of your engine. By increasing plenum size, a higher volume of charged air is available on reserve in closer proximity to the engine. This reserve allows your engine to be more effective on full throttle – especially at the high end of your engine’s rpm range where it is needed most. To optimize flow, Billet aluminum bell horns are fitted at the entrance of each runner to provide a smooth transition and flow of air as it enters the engine. You can expect 20 to 50 horsepower gains depending on your setup. This is the same intake manifold found on our own World Record holding, Alpha 12 & Alpha Omega GT-R’s.


  • 20-50 horsepower increase
  • Larger, higher volume plenum
  • CNC Billet aluminum bell horns
  • Professionally TIG-welded
  • Aluminum construction
  • Retains factory mounting points
  • Black powder coated finish


  • Nissan GT-R R35 2009-2015


  • Works with Alpha Fuel Rail Kit, will not work with stock fuel rails
  • Best suited for moderate to highly modified applications