Boost Logic 4 Inch Exhaust System GT-R R35 09+

Price: $4,499.00

Boost Logic Race Mid-Pipe and Exhaust. A full mid-pipe back exhaust system, instead of the industry standard 3.5in tubing Boost Logic uses a custom made piece feeding the standard 3in front pipes into a true 4in pipe for maximum flow. The Exhaust itself is as straight through as possible while maintaining a true bolt on fitment that doesn’t sacrifice ground clearance and is built for maximum flow. The rear section of the 4in exhaust splits back to 3in piping into two high quality Burns race mufflers. The Boost Logic race exhaust has two choices in tips, Quad 4in exhaust tips in a raw finished stainless steel, or in house designed “F16 Inspired” Afterburner tip.

Sound Quality is fantastic, a very open race sound for your GTR, The GTR’s valve timing keeps the car extremely quiet at idle, but in any open throttle condition the volume is what should be expected from a full track car.