Greddy Transmission Cooler R35 GT-R 09+

Retail Price: $2,494.99US

Price: $2,370.24

The GT-R is a performance car through and through. As an owner of the GT-R, you know how much fun it is to blast through the gears and experience the car as it was designed to be. The only problem is, the more you use the transmission during your drive, the hotter it will get. And the enemy for everything car oriented is heat.

Greddy’s transmission cooler is designed to reduce the heat caused by daily driving in warm warm weather or during spirited road and track conditions. The transmission cooler is a parrellel system with internal thermostat adapter and comes with hardlines, mounts and FRP ducting to ensure air passes through the cooler.

This aftermarket kit will ensure longevity with your transmission no matter your driving style.

Zshop recommends Greddy’s Washer Tank with this product. Part number 13506115