Cusco Zero 2R Coilovers Nissan 240SX/S13 89-94

Retail Price: $3,159.99US


The design that is seen in most JGTC and WRC competition vehicles is now offered through Cusco top of the line Zero-2R suspension kit. Featuring all the standard characteristics oc the Zero-Series lineup, the 2R offer the inverted shock piston design. Available for McPhearson strut style suspensions; the oversized shock piston is ideal to add rigidity to the suspension. Cusco patented oil circulation method offers extremely low friction surface inside the shock while retaining excellent ride quality. With the 5-way adjustable shocks, the suspension can be fine tuned for any driving condition. The kit includes upper perch, dust cover, bump stop, shock, spring, and spanner wrenches. Installation is straightforward and bolts on using normal hand tools.