Universal License Plate Mounted Backup Camera W/Night Vision

Price $119.00US

The NAV-TV CAM11 Rear View Camera is ideal for use with the NAV-TV line of video interfaces. The camera is mounted to a black plastic frame that features two holes spaced apart for mounting on your vehicles license plate frame. Installation is easy. Simply remove the screws from your license plate, place the camera over the license plate. Then re-attach the screws. The camera adjusts up and down, to allow you to adjust the angle of the video image. This particular backup camera has night vision IR sensors that allow you to see whats behind you even in low light or no light environments. The NAV-TV CAM11 Rear View Camera uses CMOS technology. The enclosure is completely waterproof and is ideal for quick and easy license plate installation.

Universal License Plate Frame Backup Camera w Night Vision no frame