AshSpec 2.5" Charge Pipe Set Nissan 300zx/Z32 TT 90-96


2.5″ o.d. tubing, 0.065″ wall thickness, 6061 Aluminum
All Pipe Ends Finished with Hosebeads to Prevent Coupler Slippage
High-Quality Stainless 2-piece Wormscrew Body Hoseclamps
High Quality Polyester Reinforced Silicone Couplers
Powdercoated for long lasting durable finish
Includes BOV Ports (1-3/8″ dia)
Includes Boost Control Pressure Ports (1/4″ dia)
Includes IACV Port

This intake kit can be used on both native twin turbo models as well as for NA to TT conversions.

NEW!: We now have the SpecialtyZ Tapered Turbo Discharge Pipes available with our pipe kits! These pipes provide a smoother transition from the turbo discharge flange of 2″ out to the 2.5″ diameter of the pipe kit to reduce turbulence and benefit flow. These are available for an additional $150.

3rd Party dyno results!

Greg Dupree of SpecialtyZ and his crew have performed 3rd party test results showing the performance gains associated with upgrading the intake piping and intercoolers. The differences are quite astonishing!

Comparison is showing the difference between Stillen intercoolers, & stock piping vs. AshSPEC MASSIVE SMICs and 2.5″ intake piping. There is as much as 92ft/lbs increase in torque at 4500RPM, significantly quicker spoolup, and a much wider powerband.


  • With or without Specilaty Z Tapered Turbo Discharge Pipes
  • Throttle Body Type: Stock, Z1 58mm, Nissan 60mm.
  • Pipe Color: Gloss Black, Flat Black, Silver.
  • Coupler Colors:  Black, Blue, Red.