AshSpec Dool Z Intake Kit Nissan 300zx TT 90-96


This dual intake system is a necessity for vehicles aiming to produce 550RWHP or higher. However, the benefits realized at lower power levels is an improvement you will feel in the seat-of-pants dynamometer. Many smiles to the gallon. The POP charger filters commonly used on these vehicles typically flow 480 – 500CFM of airflow at a pressure drop of 1psi. Our engines at 18psi of boost will draw some 850CFM which produces nearly a 4psi pressure drop through a single filter, resulting in slower spoolup response and lower power due to the fact that the turbo compressor wheel must rotate faster in order to produce the same boost pressure. Twin filters can support 1000CFM at 1psi and in a dual intake setup there will be less than 1psi of pressure drop through the filter. This results in significantly improved spoolup response as well as a solid boost in power and torque production.

The DOOLZ Dual Intake’s design incorporates a “shared plenum” design with a common port at the junction between the two pipes. This design equally splits airflow between the two filters which results in accurate airflow metering by the mass airflow sensor. The smooth mandrel drawn tubing promotes the optimum pathway for airflow with virtually zero loss.

This kit includes all 4 silicone couplers available in black, blue, or red. Also included is a dummy MAS unit for mounting of the second filter as well as all new stainless steel hoseclamps. Choices of color include: gloss black, flat black, silver, copy chrome, white, red, blue, and yellow.  Please specify which color options you wish to purchase.