AshSpec GT2860RS Turbos 500WHP Kit Nissan 300zx/Z32 TT 90-96


These are one of the best all-around turbochargers for the Z32!
This set is capable of 500RWHP+ on pumpfuel @18psi even with stock internals. Breather mods such as our 2.5″ Turbo Inlet Pipe Kit, 2.5″ Charge Pipe Kit, V3 MASSIVE SMICs, upgraded exhaust manifolds and a full 3″ exhaust has been putting down ~510WHP on pumpfuel and even more with a built engine + upgraded camshafts. With the proper supporting modifications these turbos will yield spoolup rates which produce increased power and torque in the lower RPM compared to that of a stock turbocharger set!

Additionally, with all of the supporting parts and a built engine these turbos will produce nearly 700RWHP on racefuel at 30psi of boost pressure!

This turbo kit features a set of Vibrant Performance V-Band flanges for mounting of the 2.5″ turbo inlet pipe kit. This V-Band assembly contains a viton o-ring for 100% sealing and offers free range of clocking of the pipe for optimal fitment.


All Parts are NEW and Genuine Garrett Turbochargers.
Garrett 1-bar actuators – preset to 14.5psi base boost.
Custom Actuator Brackets, powdercoated.
Turbine Housing VHT Ceramic Coated.
5-bolt Turbine Housing
Turbos are ready for installation.

This kit offers the best of flow performance being combined with the 2.5″ Turbo Inlet Pipe Kit. Turbo Inlet Pipe Kit comes complete with all 6 pipes, couplers, and clamps.

If using stock engine mounts, a small bit of material will need to be ground off of the the driver’s side engine mount for clearance; appx 3/16″ inch from the outer corner. Upgraded BDE engine mounts will clear without any modifications.