Blitz Power Meter i-Color

Retail Price: $581.00US

Price $563.57US

The Blitz Power Meter displays up to 6 measurements simultaneously out of 12 options. Some of these options include estimated horsepower and torque as well as estimated fuel economy. The Blitz Power Meter can operate the SBC ID series boost controller with the use of an optional harness to become an SBC I-Color boost controller. The Power Meter can also be used in conjunction with the Blitz wideband AF box. (Silver or Black)


  • Displays up to 6 simultaneous measurement from 12 options.
  • Measures speed, power, torque, and rpm.
  • Can display instantaneous/average fuel economy.
  • Can operate the SBC I-D boost controller with an optional harness, to become SBC I-Color.
  • Can be used in conjunction with air/fuel ratio box.