Carbonetic Rear 2.0 Way Metal Limited Slip Differential 300ZX 89-96

Price: $899.00

The Carbonetic LSD (Limited Slip Differential) is our renowned line of metal LSD’s has been proven time and again to make the difference in multiple areas of racing: Street, Winding, Circuit Racing, Enjoy Circuit, Drifting, Drag Racing, Dirt Trials, Auto-Cross (Gymkhana) and Rallies. While featuring excellent lubrication performance, it uses a tough, non-grinding clutch plate, and realizes a powerful locking capability that never increases noise levels, even during intense driving episodes. Make the difference in Racing with Carbonetic Metal LSDs.

Key Features:

  • A non-grinding clutch plate that features high lubrication performance coupled with resilient surface hardness.
  • A maximum diameter clutch plate that enhances locking performance
  • Stabilized acceleration response through appropriately applied torque intiation.

Replacing Differential : Viscous

Chassis : Z32 non turbo

Engine : VG30DE

Trim: MT, AT

*There is no need to change the side flanges. Come with a new bearing installed and with oil seals. Fit a car equipped with the viscous LSD and with side flanges with 29 teeth.