Cusco 350cc Oil Catch Tank w/Attraction Filter Universal

Price: $239.99

Cusco an industry leader in suspension components mostly found on Subaru’s. Cusco is innovating they way manufactures design now a days but also engineer there product lines to perform.

The new Oil Catch Tank is nothing new to Cusco. It utilizes a management system of blow-by-gas tank which return to intake. This way the engine will receive fresh mixing air which is less foreign matter. It prevents re-blow of blow-by-gas which prevent on-going engine power down.

Cusco has made it is mission to find a solution for the unburned gas which is toxic that can remain in the cylinder head of normal production engine. The Oil tank will not pollute the air and re-burn the gas. An added feature to this new system is the newly developed intermolecular attraction filter. The gas which go through the intermolecular attraction filter is purified and become the air less foreign matter, there for mixing foreign matter into suction is decreased.


  • Tank capacity/size/hose: 350cc/60mmx161mm and 15mm hose