Cusco Sport ZERO-1 Pillowball Coilover 300zx/R32 90-96

Price: $1,900.00

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The CUSCO Sport ZERO-1 Pillow Ball Coilover Kit Nissan Skyline Z32 is a middle range model from Cusco transforming your car into a great performing circuit racer with the capability to ride around regular roads without killing the driver inside with discomfort.

The Cusco ZERO-1 Coilovers feature front and rear Pillow Ball upper mounts to increase rigidity. Cusco chose to make the suspension from stainless steel, which has been known to be very strong against the spreading of rust. Another great feature is the design which keeps the suspension running in top shape no matter how low the suspension has been adjusted. This is because the lower bracket is adjusted to lower the vehicle, which leaves the suspension stroking at its maximum potential.

An easy set up unit that is full adjustable and with ride height adjustments, provides a drastic change in your driving.
Recommended for drivers who want to:
- Has experienced the front slipping on bumpy turn-ins.
- Prefer your own setting for a reasonable price.
- Have lower ride height without loss in suspension stroke.
- Advance to adjustable rate units for a reasonable price.

Type Front: Nonadjustable Pillow Ball Upper Mount
Type Back: Nonadjustable Pillow Ball Upper Mount

Ride Height Adjustable Range:
- Front: -45 ? 0 (OEM -15)
- Rear: -40 ? 0 (OEM -10)

Standard Spring(Spring Selection):
- Front: 12k (11/14)
- Rear: 10k (9/11)

ID / FH: 65 / 200 (Rear.Front)

- Using the Pillow Ball bearings will increase the solidity and rigidity, and increase the response toward steering work. But at the same time, will forward the noise and shock into the passenger room, and requires you to regularly maintain the pillow ball bushing as well.


Compatibility Notes: (Please specify which car you are purchasing for)

Part Num: 230 60E CP (HR32,HCR32,ECR32)
Part Num: 279 60E CP (HNR32)
Part Num: 232 60E CP (ER33,ECR33)
Part Num: 281 60E CP (ER34 Wheel Steering)
Part Num: 231 60E CP (BNR32)
Part Num: 233 60E CP (BCNR33)
Part Num: 282 60E CP (BNR34)
Part Num: 249 60E CP (Z32)


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