ACCUAir Full Adjustable Air Ride Kit Nissan 300zx/Z32 90-96

Price $4,840.00US

D2 Front & Rear Air Suspension Kit – 89~00 300 ZX (Z32)



All D2 Air-Over struts include threaded shock bodies and spanner lock nuts allow you to select the spring stiffness that best fits your driving style and preference. Air Springs have variable stiffness depending on the height that you choose to operate them at; taller = stiffer and shorter = softer (typically). Proper spring stiffness at driving height is critical for optimal vehicle ride quality and performance.


Adjustment knobs at the top of the shock shaft allow you to select the damper stiffness that best fits your driving style and preference. Proper damper stiffness is critical for optimal vehicle ride quality and performance. All D2 dampers feature 36 levels of adjustable damping for all 4-corners of your vehicle.


Vehicle-specific top mounts with robust rubber isolation and bearings (when applicable) provide optimal vibration isolation and quite suspension operation.


Each vehicle’s suspension design is slightly different and D2 has determined exactly what parts are required for a complete air suspension installation on each and every application. In addition to just nuts and bolts, some applications may include additional components such as sway bar linkage, brackets, bushings, and spacers.


e-Level Air Management Package w/ TouchPad (AA-AMP2-TPAD-EN-5RAW-14)

The e-Level™ TouchPad™ Air Management Package combines all of the highest quality components available to control your Air Springs in one easy to order part number. This kit includes our top-of-the-line e-Level™ Controller with TouchPad™ interface, VU4 4-Corner Valve Manifold, 5-gallon Aluminum Air Tank, Serviceable Aluminum Air Filter, 3/8″ D.O.T. Approved Plumbing Kit, and the most detailed Installation & Operation Manuals on the market. These packages are available with Single or Dual compressors and a variety of options shown above.

Kit Includes:

  • D2 Front & Rear Air Suspension Kit (sway bar linkage, brackets, bushings, and spacers)
  • e-Level™ Controller with TouchPad™ interface
  • VU4 4-Corner Valve Manifold
  • 5-gallon Aluminum Air Tank
  • Serviceable Aluminum Air Filter
  • 3/8″ D.O.T. Approved Plumbing Kit
  • Dual compressors
  • 1/4″ NPT Bag Fittings
  • eXo Mount Bracket System for Viair 380C/400C
  • 70 AMP Power Supply Kit


iLevel WiFi Receiver Option:

AccuAir’s iLevel™ provides wireless control of your e-Level™ Air Suspension System through both Apple iOS and Android devices. The app is available for free download through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The iLevel™ app is designed to look and operate very similar to the popular e-Level™ TouchPad™ interface. Your mobile device establishes a password-protected WiFi connection through the iLevel™ WiFi Module (same module for both iOS and Android devices) to provide instantaneous wireless control and feedback from more than 100 ft away.