Hoyt Technologies HCX-HD1 High Def Helmet Camera Kit

Price: $329.99

The HCX-HD1 1080p Full HD Helmet Camera, also referred to as an Action Camera, Helmetcam or Actioncam, is the first POV camera specifically designed for ease of use and great picture quality. It shoots in crystal clear 1080P H.264 full HD, has an on board 1.5″ LCD display for easy horizon orientation and instant playback, as well a access to the full menu selections so you can make changes in the field.

The wide angle lens catches all the action and rotates 180deg within the housing so horizon alignment is a snap. The well positioned one-touch record button makes starting and stopping recording easy and prevents accidental button presses. This rugged, weatherproof system is ideal for skiers and snowboarders, motorcycles and mountainbikes as well as auto racing and ATVing. With the included cigarette lighter power adapter and the ability to accept up to 32GB SD/SDHC cards, the MSR-200 canrecord uniterupted for up to 8hrs in Full HD. The HCX-HD1 comes with a variety of mounts and has an industry standard 1/4-20 mounting thread for use with other camera mounts like our rollbar and suction mounts.


  • Records in 1080p H.264 High Definition Nothing Beats Full high definition! 1080p means you’ll have plenty of resolution for watching on your HD TV or for HD YouTube videos. The H.264 advanced CODEC results in a smaller files size and better picture with less compression artifacts. 30 frames per second is a must for fast action recording.

  • Rugged, Weatherproof Housing The HCX-HD1 is tough! The rugged housing is shock proof and weather proof. Rain, mud, ice and snow are no problem. Bring it on Mother Nature!

  • One-Touch Start/Stop Record Button The One-Touch start/stop record button make opration a snap!We’ve also positioned the buttn away from the other buttons to eliminate the accidental button presses that can happen when buttons are clustered together.

  • Rotating wide angle lens The wide angle lens was designed to catch all the action without creating too much fisheye affect. The lens rotates 180deg within the housing so no mater what angle you mount the camera, you can be sure you get the horizon orientaion right.

  • Unlimited Power with the Automobile Power Adapter Need power for the long haul? No need to stop recording and switch batteries. The HCX-HD1 can be powered by the included automobile power adapter. You’ll never run out of power again!

  • Portable Power with the Internal Li-Ion battery Don’t like cables? No problem. The HCX-HD1 has an internal, rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Unlike alkaline batteries, Li-Ion batteries work well in cold temps. The battery will power the HCX-HD1 for up to 2.5 hrs*. The battery is easily removed so take an extra one with you for quick swaps out in the field.

  • 1.5″ Display Screen Easy camera angle adjustment and instant playback. Lasers are good for orienting the horizon but they can only estimate the right angle. A little off and your video could be ruined. With the display, you’re always right on. In addition, when your buddy wipes out in front of you, you can watch it on film and laugh at him right there while he’s still getting up.

  • Supports up to 32GB SD/SDHC cards What good is unlimited power if you have to keep changing SD cards every few hours. The HCX-HD1 supports up to 32GB SD or SDHC cards which lets you record for up to 12 hours continuous on just one card.

  • Built-in Microphone Your videos are a lot more exciting with sound. Capture all the engine sounds, bones cracking or birds chirping with the built-in microphone.

  • Takes 8MP** Still Pictures The HCX-HD1 let’s you take HD video as well as 8MP** still pictures. The picture button is also placed away from the other buttons to prevent accidental button presses.

  • Loop Recording The loop recording feature on the HCX-HD1 means you won’t have to sit through 3 hours of boring video to get to the goodstuff. Set loop recording to 15, 35, or 45 minutes and when the recording reaches that length it will stop, save and start recording a new file. When the memory gets full, it will start overwriting the earliest file first.

  • HDMI Out Don’t watch HD videos on your laptop. 1080p HD looks great on the big screen so why not watch it there? The HCX-HD1 has HDMI output so you can watch the videos in HD on your HD TV.
  • HCX-HD1 Kit Includes:

    • HCX-HD1 1080p Full HD Helmet Camera with LCD & Built-In Mic
    • Universal Mounting Clip
    • Helmet Mount
    • Goggle Mount
    • Handlebar Mount
    • Head Strap
    • Quick-Swap Internal Li-Ion Battery
    • AC Power Adapter/Charger
    • Automobile Power Adapter
    • HDMI Out Cable (Playback videos thru your TV)
    • USB Cable
    • User Manual (Paper and Disk)
    • 2GB SD Card