Ikeya Formula Adjuster Rear Lower Arm Set 300zx 90-96

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Ikeya Formula is famous for their revolutionary Sequential Shifter technologies in addition to the most advanced suspension parts around both of which are extremely popular with top D1 Drivers.

This is what Ikeya Formula has to say about roll center:
Drivers tend to consider that center of gravity would be lowered and have more stability if car height is lowered. However, if you are using the normal arm, the arms would be raised and opened up outwards and the center of gravity of car and roll center would be apart . And the roll amount unnecessarily increases while the suspension stroke decreases, and causes the condition of ” Grip limitation between tire and ground surface will be lowered”.
By using Ikeya formula’s “Front lower arm”, “Rear lower arm” and “Tie-rod end” which possess the roll center adjuster function will correct the roll center and set back to the position where has the shorter distance between center of gravity and roll center and then decreases the roll amount.
Additionally, we would like to recommend to install both Front and Rear at the same time. Because the roll center of Front and Rear would be “shifted”, if mounting only on Front side, and the roll axis will be shifted on Front and the roll amount changes on Rear, and causes loss of the stability in the car behavior.

*recommended to be used in conjunction with the roll center adjuster arms in addition to tie-rod ends.


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