Ikeya Formula Pillow Ball Tension Rods 300zx 90-96

Price: $465.00

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These are a MUST for those looking to seriously fine tune their suspension.

These Ikeya Formula Adjustable Pillow Ball Tension Rods stop the movement and flex that change the geometry on the front suspension under hard braking and cornering and drifting. These Ikeya Formula Adjustable Pillow Ball Tension Rods help with stability and predictability when drifting or racing the car hard. They also improving initial turn-in response. They are designed to work with stock suspension or nearly every aftermarket system available.

These are some basic features about the units.

Reduces the amount of suspension flex during hard cornering. Increases greatly the handling response going into corners by adopting pillow ball mount on the body side. High rigidity pillow rods balls used to hold down tires under braking. Increases straight line stability by reducing toe out and friction.

A simple bolt-on type easily converted from manufacturer’s products.

The turn buckle type allows simple adjustments with the parts on the car.

They are packaged with all the necessary hardware to ensure ease of installation.

If you have noticed the amateurs on the track trying to drift and wondered why they had so much body roll its because their suspension is not fully tuned. Every drifter here in Japan knows that the suspension should be fully tuned before even thinking of taking the car for serious drifting!


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