SLASH ONE'S WAY Dress Up Rotor Cover Set

Price: $350.00

Note: This item is direct from Japan & is subject to US/Japanese exchange & shipping rates @ the point of sale. Pleas contact us to get the correct price & shipping rates.

The SLASH ONE’S WAY Dress Up Rotor Cover Set is a set of Front and Rear Dress Up Rotor Covers from dress up parts maker, Slash One’s Way. Cover up the dirty center of your car’s brake rotors with this Aluminum cover and add to the exterior looks of your ride.

*Upon purchase please specify your vehicle’s year, chassis code, name, turbo or N/A, ABS, HICAS or not, and Color you would like. This will make it easier and quicker for us to expedite your order.
EXAMPLE: 1996 S14 Nissan Silvia NA, HICAS, 4-Lug, Blue.

Color Options: Red, Blue, & Gold


Estimated Shipping & Broker Fees: $60US (US & Canada, for all other countries please contact)