Swift Motorsports Motorized Hide Away License Plate Holder

Price: $150.00

This is Swift Motorsports motorized hide away license plate holder;


- License Plate Holder unit

- Motor unit installed

- Remote Control

- Necessary wires needed to install


This is a universal fit system, which means it fits most cars on the market. It’s a quick check to be certain, just a few measurements are necessary. Measuring from the front edge of the bumper, you need a flat area 9″ deep by 3″wide to mount the bracket. If you have this flat area, this will fit. The unit will add 1.25″ to the bottom of the bumper, so if you’re already low, dragging, or curb banging, this may not be the solution for you.

Includes Mounting hardware and a FULL 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Video Link: Swift Motorsports Hide Away License Plate Video