ATS Carbon 1.5 Way LSD 350Z/G35 03-08

Retail Price: $1,610.99US

Price: $1,530.44

By utilizing the carbon discs, the ATS carbon LSD posses superior transitional characteristics from free to differential lock, giving a more natural feeling of control. For racing and competitions that push the vehicle to the limit, Carbon LSD’s give you valuable feedback traction and control in a more predictable manner. Carbon LSD’s offer many advantages over traditional metal LSD’s. Carbon LSD’s have twice the differential lock strength of metal LSD’s. Carbon LSD’s also have more stable operation, eliminating the sudden on/off operation of metal LSD’s.


  • Gentle transitional characteristics that yield ease of handling from free to lock
  • Small degree of slipping which provide a greater flexibility
  • Super durable
  • Stable differential lock performance which is unaffected by oil temperature changes
  • Quiet operation without chattering noise
  • Ideal for Street, Track days, Road Racing, Autocross, and Drifting