ATS Super Silent Metal 1.5 Way LSD 350Z/G35 03-08

Retail Price: $1,241.99US

Price: $1,179.89

An inevitable drawback of a clutch type limited slip differential is the undesirable chattering noise. Even though the performance advantages of a clutch type LSD are well documented, many people have resorted to a gear type or viscous type LSD to avoid the noise during daily street driving. You no longer have to make that trade off! The new ATS Super Silent LSD offers the best of the both worlds, the performance of clutch type LSD and the quietness of a gear type LSD.

By completely redesigning the internal plates, from the material to the grinding and by utilizing a new cam angle, ATS has successfully eliminated the chattering noise without negatively impacting the locking performance you desire. The new super silent LSD provides the driver a very comfortable and smooth ride during street driving and exceptional traction when needed.

ATS super silent LSD comes with a cam ring with both 45 degree and 60 degree (or 55 degree in the case of 87mm & 82mm diameter plates) cam angles. The cam angle is set at 45 degrees at the factory unless it is specified at the time of ordering but the cam angle can be changed in the future.


  • Ideal for Street, Track days, Road Race, Drag Racing,and Autocross
  • Improved traction, cornering and stability
  • Smooth and quiet operation without any chattering