Carbonetic Triple Carbon Clutch 1100kg 350Z 03-06

Price: $2,999.00

The Carbonetic Triple Clutch is designed for extreme power as high as 1500 PS. It’s half clutch operation is the ultimate in control, surpassing that of a single or twin clutch. The inertia weight is kept to a minimum, thus enabling quick shifting. By instilling our clutch with triple plates constructed of the non-mesh random waving method, the Carbonetic Triple Clutch is astonishingly strong and built to repeatedly handle the severest driving conditions.

*Superb heat resistance to withstand extreme racing requirements

  • ACROSS successfully raised the C/C melting point by over 1,000 degrees centigrade
  • Prevents fusion with surrounding metal parts
  • No distortion of the carbon disk

*An unparalleled level of strength and enduring performance through a unique, random weaving methodology

*Large carbon disk diameter of 230mm

  • Superior friction characteristics and excellent torque transfer
  • Non-slipping even without warm up (within rated horse power,no power shifting)

*Quality engineered and manufactured in Japan

  • All parts manufactured and assembled in the strictest quality control environment
  • Flexibility to manufacture per customer specifications

*Outstanding controllability in even the thickest of traffic congestions

  • Maintains consistent soft pedal feel
  • Highly controllable in half clutch position
  • Smooth operation in traffic or up a slope

*Largest reduction in inertia weight

  • Lightweight – less than 25% of a traditional metal clutch
  • Prevents power loss and allows for quick gear shifting
  • Enhanced synchronization

*Radical cost effectiveness in the long term


Engine: VQ35DE 6MT
Type: Triple
Pressure Plate Rate: 1100kg
Fits: Nissan 350Z Z33
Nissan clutch bearing(30502-14601) and bearing sleeve(30501-U8584) are included.