Espelir JGT 500 Dual Exhaust System 350Z 03+

Price: $1,260.99

GT racing is fierce competition that draws great support everywhere from the race fans to car manufacturers. Japanese top race drivers dream to participate in this professional racing series. ESPELIR has been participating in this racing series as a racing team. We innovate new technologies in order to win, then, apply these innovations and techniques into our JGT 500 exhaust. We will take you to the top of your class with our products.

We have succeeded in keeping the sound to a minimum, but have also retained a low, deep powerful signature sound. By controlling the exhaust flow, we have kept the internal exhaust resistance to a minimum which increases torque.

The exhaust system weight has been kept to a minimum and every application keeps a minimum ground clearance by utilizing a compact main muffler.

Our innovative exhaust silencer has a unique spring that eliminates sound vibration and potential damage to muffler internals.

The ESPELIR JGT 500 exhaust is a landmark composition in this industry. The best material – technology and performance learned from racing – real world results.