Tomei Poncam Intake & Exhaust Camshaft Set Nissan 350Z/G35 VQ35DE


From the factory an engine is usually equipped with a camshaft that sacrifices low-end torque and top end power to focus on smooth idle and fuel economy, neither of which are a primary concern in high performance or race applications. Upgrading your camshaft is the single most effective way to change how your engine behaves throughout the RPM range. The camshaft controls the duration, lift, and overlap of the intake and exhaust valves opening.

Tomei’s Camshafts are designed to help your engine flow more air faster, the basic recipe for Horsepower and Torque. This increased volume is achieved by increasing how long the valves stay open open, how far they open, and their overlap. Selecting the proper camshaft for your particular wants, needs, and engine set up allows you to maximize Torque and Horsepower in whatever range is most beneficial for your particular driving or racing style.

Tomei Camshafts undergo a vigorous research and development process to maximize horsepower and reliability. All Tomei Camshafts are CNC machined to guarantee a precise fit and proper valve lift/duration.

Intake Specifications:

  • Duration: 256
  • Max Cam Lift: 10.20mm
  • Max Valve Lift: 9.90mm
  • Base Circle: 35.4
  • Valve Timing Centerline: 125*

Exhaust Specifications:

  • Duration: 256
  • Max Cam Lift: 10.20mm
  • Max Valve Lift: 9.87mm
  • Base Circle: 35.40
  • Valve Timing Centerline: 112*


  • Special Material
  • Highly durable & efficient
  • Compatible with OEM valve springs
  • Best Overall Performance
  • Stable Idling
  • Best Balance

NOTE: Upgrading the Valve Springs is required when using camshafts with cam lift greater than 11.0mm. (sold separately)