MoonFace Forged Bump Adjuster Tierod Ends Nissan 370z 09+


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Bump Adjust Tie-Rod Ends are specially designed tie-rod ends, they are made to help restore your lowered car’s suspension geometry and handling characteristics to Stock OEM.

The geometry which goes wrong because of vehicle height down is corrected by offset of ball joint of tierod end. Advanced tuning which was cultivated with formula or GT car was redesigned, and it is commercialized as the parts of safety regulations conformity. The steer angle change (bump steer) which occurs at cornering is controled by just exchange of tierod end without troublesome setting, and linear and sharp cornering performance is realized. Action stability also improves a lot at braking, and it makes an ultimate limit battle possible. There are also super hard tierods which has outstanding shear strength, curve strength and endurance, increasing the tierod diameter. It supports hard running like curb cut, and prevents the troubles such as bending and breaking.

Must have after market coilovers.


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