PowerCraft Hybrid Exhaust System Single Valve Nissan 370z 09+


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This is the PowerCraft Hybrid Exhaust System Twin Valve for the Nissan Fairlady Z – 370Z/Z34.  Similar to a single type system, both the left and right side piping pass through the main silencer, exhaust gases are controlled by the Hybrid Exhaust Valve System, this directs the delivery of exhaust gas passage to the tail pipes .There are two sound settings ‘Silent Mode’ and ‘Exciting Mode’ .

Silent mode:
All exhaust gases pass from the main silencer and are then routed through to the right side tail pipe.

Exciting mode:
The majority of the exhaust gases are routed through the side tail pipes, with a reduced volume passing through the main silencer. Through this re-distribution of gases the fullness of the sound is achieved producing a pleasant and high-quality tone.

Both single and main types have 114.3mmOD stainless steel piping and titanium tail ends.

  • Material: SUS400-304
  • Accessories: w/ Remote Control kit
  • Specs: 70mm-60mm / Titanium Tips 112mm


Video Link: PowerCraft Hybrid Exhaust System Single Valve Vid Clip


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