Stillen Front Fascia 370Z 09+

Retail Price: $565.47US

Price: $537.21

The highly anticipated development of the STILLEN 370Z Urethane Front Fascia, Side Rockers and Deck Wing is now a reality. This 370Z body kit just looks great but is fully functional as well. STILLEN urethane components are prototyped, and molded in our state of the art facilities in Costa Mesa, California The result is excellent fitment and durability every time.

The STILLEN 370Z Front Fascia offers a clean yet aggressive styling while utilizing factory mounting points so it fits and flows with the cars original lines. Besides looking good the Front Fascia is fully functional with large open areas for Intercooler, oil and transmission coolers. Also an air diversion path was built into the Fascia to provide fresh air for the STILLEN Gen 3 Intake or Supercharger.