Tanabe Sustec 2-Point Front Under Brace 370Z 09+

Retail Price: $108.00US

Price: $102.60

Often overlooked, especially on vehicles that are reaching higher levels of modification, is the importance of reinforcing the chassis. All vehicles experience flexing of the unibody under various handling loads. Twisting of the chassis is also very common on higher horsepower vehicles. By reducing flexing and distortion of the chassis, stability between left and right sides is improved, which means sure-footed handling.

The Sustec Underbrace prevents this unwanted behaviour by connecting specific points of the undercarriage to reinforce the chassis. The internal construction of the brace features a double I-beam construction which helps these braces acheive their high rigidity. The underbrace significantly increases rigidity, without adding surplus weight. When used with the Sustec Tower Bar, Stabilizer, and suspension package, the vehicle becomes very competitive in the handling department.


  • 1-Piece Bracing
  • 2-Point Installation
  • Reinforced Aluminum
  • Double I-Beam Construction